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Mining Solutions

Senninger sprinklers, spray nozzles and pressure regulators are used globally for heap leaching (mineral recovery), dust control, evaporation, slide slope leaching and other industrial applications. All mining products are designed to resist corrosion, abrasion, ultraviolet degradation, and the rugged conditions specific to solution mining.

Solutions For

Heap Leaching with Wobbler

Heap Leaching

Heap piles are comprised of segregate layers of coarse and fine textured material and leaching solutions must be able to percolate through all of these layers.

To maximize metal recovery, Senninger applied Wobbler Technology to its mining products line and developed three sprinklers capable of providing uniform ore/solution contact.

Dust Control with Senninger

Dust Control

Sprinklers are commonly used to prevent dust from becoming airborne due to their low maintenance requirements and easy installation.

They can be used with water alone or with added wetting agents that help trap dust. For effective dust control, water must be spread uniformly and in droplets large enough to wet down the soil.

Senninger’s Wobblers are particularly suited for dust control when coupled with a portable pipe system.


Side Slope Leaching with Senninger

Side Slope Leaching

The sloping sides of a heap pile have readily available ore which can be difficult to recover due to the angled terrain of a slope.

Senninger’s Wobblers and impact sprinklers can be used along edges and on side slopes to deliver leach solution over difficult to reach areas.

Evaporation for Mines with Super Spray


Evaporation using sprinkler nozzles is an economical and proven way to remove excess water.

Senninger’s Super Spray is ideal for evaporation due to its unique evaporation pad, which ensures a small droplet size.



mini-Wobbler CMS Xcel-Wobbler-CMS Wobbler CMS Model Super-Spray
mini-Wobbler Xcel-Wobbler Wobbler Super Spray
Part Circle EFF CMS 4023 Impact 8025 CMS Impact

Part Circle
Impact Sprinklers

30, 40, 50 Series
Impact Sprinklers

80 Series
Impact Sprinklers


Pressure Regulators


PRMP – Mining Prospector

Flow Range: 0.5 – 7 gpm
(114 – 1590 L/hr)

PRL – Low Flow

Flow Range: 0.5 – 8 gpm
(114 – 1817 L/hr)

PMR-MF – Medium Flow

Flow Range: 2 – 20 gpm
(454 – 4542 L/hr)

PRHF – High Flow

Flow Range: 10 – 32 gpm
(2271 – 7268 L/hr)

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