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Senninger’s software line includes programs to register and access information on irrigation equipment, design irrigation systems and projects, and calculate the water application rate.

It also incorporates tools to calculate energy and total pumping costs, collect elevation data for pivot installations, and interactive applications to review product information with the aid of better visuals.


Software and Tools

Pivot Placer






Pivot Placer is a cloud-based portal with easy access to information about your customers’ irrigation equipment – geographical location, field characteristics, equipment manufacturer, model, and date of installation. (Read more>>) WinSIPP2 calculates the precipitation rate of your irrigation system. It helps select the best irrigation products by testing the application uniformity of sprinkler layouts before a system is installed. (Read more>>) Irri-Express program assists in the design of comprehensive irrigation projects with pivots, sprinklers and drip. It evaluates installation alternatives in advance, surveys any terrain, produces a contour plan, draws the details, and applies the irrigation design. (Read more>>)




Energy Calculator


Pivot Height Analysis Tool


Irri-Maker optimizes irrigation system design by combining survey, Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD), with many hydraulic analysis functions. (Read more>>) Energy Calculator lets you see how reducing pressure saves on fuel. Savings vary depending on your specific system, hours of operation, flow, pressure, and energy source. (Read more>>) The Pivot Height Analysis Tool helps you collect elevation data for new or existing pivot installations. It highlights the highest and lowest points in a field as well as the average elevation. (Read more>>)





Interactive Catalog

The interactive catalog is a computer application created for Sales Managers and Senninger dealers.

It expands on current Senninger literature (brochures and catalogs) and gives users the ability to review product information with the aid of better visuals.

These visuals include product photos, application photos that show examples of successful installations, and videos of products operating.

Click here to download the Catalog User Guide.

Generic Pivot Catalog

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iPad & Android

Solid Set, Nursery & Greenhouse

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