“Senninger’s Quick-Connect Riser Adapter gives growers the flexibility to use sprinklers in more than one area.”

CLERMONT, Fla., August 26, 2013—Senninger Irrigation, a global leader in agricultural irrigation manufacturing, has developed new riser adapter components that make the installation and removal of sprinklers faster and more efficient.

Senninger’s Quick-Connect Riser Adapter gives growers the ability to simply disconnect the assembly from the lateral and move the sprinkler around a field or greenhouse as crops and nursery stock rotate in and out of production areas. After removal, Senninger’s Super Barb Plug can be used to seal the opening in the lateral.

“An irrigation system using the Senninger’s Quick-Connect Riser Adapter gives the grower flexibility to use sprinklers in more than one area.” said Ed Naughton, Regional Manager for Senninger. “Once plants are set and spaced, the sprinkler system can be easily relocated to the next area. This is particularly useful for setting up temporary growing or sales areas.”

The Quick-Connect Riser Adapter is designed with a press-fit inlet and outlet that lets it easily connect to a lateral without the need for gluing or fusing. This makes it ideal for temporary or portable systems and makes irrigating in hard to reach places easier.

To learn more about the Quick-Connect Riser Adapter, visit www.senninger.com for specifications and installation recommendations. For the Quick-Connect Riser Adapter, Senninger offers a two-year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance.

About Senninger Irrigation, Inc.

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