In January one of Senninger’s customers brought their dealers from all over the nation to Florida for their annual meeting. Since they were in town, Senninger invited the dealers to come tour the facility to see how products are made. Two Senninger employees escorted the group from their hotel to the Clermont headquarters on a chartered bus. James Burks, Senninger’s president, welcomed them upon arrival in front of the building. He focused their attention on the tiles that line the entrance to showcase Senninger’s core values as well as the name of every employee including their years of service. The guests were then led inside where they sat down to a catered meal, served by Senninger personnel. To begin the tour, the group was divided into smaller groups to make it easier for everyone to hear and see presentations at various locations throughout the company. Tour stops included Production, Assembly, Molding, Testing, Production Engineering, and Research & Development. Senninger personnel from these departments gave the presentations and were able to answer the guests’ questions first hand. Both the guests and the employees enjoyed the opportunity for direct contact and interaction.

The small groups re-assembled in the employee lunchroom to receive a few gifts as a “Thank You” for taking the time to tour the facility. Senninger was pleased to host this group and received kind comments regarding the visit.