Wobbler’s wetted footprint

Senninger introduced the Wobbler in 1980. The technology of this sprinkler design provides outstanding uniformity at low pressure, making it very popular for water and energy savings. The key to Wobbler technology is the off-center rotary motion and unique groove configuration of the water deflector.

The grooves in the deflector divide the flow into numerous sections of water.The off-center wobble further divides each section into relatively uniform-sized droplets. The rotary action evenly distributes these droplets over a large area. Water distribution occurs very rapidly. There is no waiting for the sprinkler to make a complete revolution to fill in the distribution pattern. This instantaneous coverage is gentler than stream driven devices and helps preserve soil absorption.

Grooves in the deflector divide water into gentle droplets

Droplet size is determined by the deflector’s specific groove configuration and angle. Several deflector models are available. Wobbler technology is available for mechanical move/pivot systems (i-Wob and Xi-Wob), and for nursery/greenhouse/sold set applications (mini-Wobbler, i-mini-Wobbler, Wobbler, and Xcel-Wobbler).

For example, consider our i-Wob SA9 model. It has 9 grooves in its deflector. With a #24 nozzle at 20 psi (1.38 bar), the deflectorspeed is 100 rpm. There are 25 “wobbles” for each revolution. 9 streams of water x 100 rpm x 25 wobbles per revolution produces 22,500 discreet streams of water per minute. The wobble continues to divide these streams into millions of droplets for gentle, uniform rainfall over a large area. This produces a uniform water pattern at low pressure.


For more information about wobblers that produce consistent sized droplets, contact Senninger Irrigation at info@senninger.com or visit www.senninger.com